Teaching Style

Most of my pupils between them enjoy learning a variety of styles in lessons and sessions, including rock guitar, jazz, spanish guitar, swing, chart, folk and classical guitar- anything they would like to learn really.

Others simply arrive with CDs or MP3s saying "how can I play this?" and we work it out, be it advanced picking techniques, chord strumming or more varied sounds. We then in partnership play around with it and design some exercises to support the learning.  

Depending on the style you'd like to learn, I will assess your level of skill and experience, the techniques you will need to work on and your overall target - be it playing like Hendrix and taking rock grades on guitar, precisely playing advanced classical pieces and attaining qualifications in all eight grades, learning how to read music and play it, learning how to perform confidently and professionally, you name it and i've taught it because I have over 20 years experience of both performing and practicing music and teaching it.

I teach in a small music room in my home so the setting is relaxed and unintimidating, with individual amps and guitars for use if you don't have access to a guitar.

Hundreds of my pupils have received merits and distinctions over the years and gone on to play professionally for good money.

So what's YOUR ideal style of playing? Give me a call or email me today to get started on what you'd like to learn, and of course, you can enjoy your first guitar lesson without any commitment completely for free!

What are you waiting for? Contact us using the contact page above or Telephone 0114 2509555 or 07932 040235 or alternatively, email me at guitartuitionsheffield@gmail.com happy playing!