Considering Live Music & Entertainment?

Save on the cost of your chosen live music!

  • Would you like to listen to live music playing at an event, party or bespoke occasion just to your taste?
  • Could you imagine hiring a live musician to gracefully play in the background where you are?
  • Could you imagine if it was affordable and easy to book - a simple phone call away from it all being organised?

Well it is, and you can!

Danny Naylor works as a professional musician in addition to facilitating private one to one tuition, and he is available for hire for bespoke events, private or corporate bookings and as a solo classical guitarist or solo romantic guitar and vocals.

He of course also has available a host of highly reputable musician friends, a full accompanying band of highly trained and well acclaimed national players at a heavily reduced rate locally if they are free on the date you have available. As we all know, if we book events through agencies, we can expect that a hefty cut of the cost will go to them, which pushes the price up for customers. Why pay more for the exact same performance?

So, If you are looking for live sophisticated music and entertainment from the musicians themselves.... (jazz, swing, ratpack, latino and classical are a fine specialty of Danny's)
 and this sounds like music to your ears, what are you waiting for? Contact Danny now for a quote!

Feel free to contact Danny now with your ideas on 0114 2509555 or 07932 040235, alternatively, email to have a chat about your live music ideas or any dates you might be considering, or click here and submit a message now!